How To Have A Viral Storytime YouTube Channel

Storytime YouTube channels are a fairly new type of channel, but at their core they are simply a more evolved version of the traditional vlog. If you’re unfamiliar with storytime channels, it’s not that difficult to explain. Basically, a YouTuber will tell a story of something that happened to them and then post it. It’s a very easy type of video to make, the only hard part is to actually have an interesting story to tell. These channels exploded in popularity around 2015/2016 and if you buy YouTube views you could become another one of the success stories.

If you lead an unusual or interesting life, this type of channel could suit you. But don’t worry if you don’t, that’s not necessarily the end of the road. Many popular story time channels have admitted to exaggerating or fabricating stories for the sake of entertainment. As long as you’re not slandering anybody by doing this, it is a good way to keep your videos entertaining. Try to avoid telling stories that involve other people’s real names or locations since this could cause some trouble. Especially avoid telling a story about another YouTuber if it is not one hundred percent true. Any false information that you spread about the character of someone else isn’t only potentially illegal, but it will cost you a lot in reputation and unless you buy YouTube views, your channel could suffer.

Avoid starting drama off camera as well. A good example to see why that is a bad idea is to look at Tana Mongeau, a popular storytime channel. After she made inflammatory tweets towards another YouTuber, he exposed her channel for its lies and her less than perfect past. Try and stay out of YouTube drama as far as possible, since it usually means a significant loss in subscribers.