Leo Man Compatibility With Aries Woman

Aries woman Leo man matches create an explosive and fiery love. In some cases, the fire can burn their relationship to the ground, but in other cases they can keep the fire burning in their hearts forever. These two will have a lot in common, as they are both extremely passionate. They’ll admire each other since they’re both ambitious, but this can also lead to feelings of resentment if one is significantly more successful than the others. As long as Aries women can soothe their Leo men’s egos, thing should be sailing smoothly. Leo men must also learn to control their jealousy since Aries women do not take kindly to being controlled in any way.

This extends to the bedroom, where both are naturally dominant. If the Aries woman can learn to allow her partner to be in control and the Leo man can learn to give up control to his partner, they will achieve a harmonious and fulfilling sex life.

This coupling will fight often if they aren’t careful, due to their strong and often clashing beliefs. It’s crucial for Aries woman Leo Man matches to learn to have a constructive argument without getting emotional. This will be difficult as they are both extremely passionate, but if they can master this they will be happy together for many years to come.

Aries woman Leo man

Aries women should be warned that Leo men can be jealous and possessive if he does not feel fully appreciated. They are naturally territorial and if they feel that you’re giving someone else attention that should be theirs, they’ll let you know. You can avoid this by making sure you shower your Leo with sincere compliments and love every day, as their egos need constant stroking.